Cracking the Code of the F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Mind

I just want to have a baby - The Freedom Fertility Formula™ with Dany Griffiths

Does struggling with fertility issues leave you feeling like you are locked in an emotional prison?

With everyone else appearing to be getting on with their lives, whilst you stay trapped in limbo. That place of wondering if whether you should still have hope, or if it’s time to give up on your desire to have a baby.

It’s not fair is it? It feels like everyone else is getting pregnant with ease, or maybe worse, all of your other friends struggling with fertility issues are one by one getting pregnant too. You want to feel happy for them but with every pregnancy or birth announcement you see, it feels like someone is twisting the knife ever deeper into your emotionally wounded heart. The guilt you feel about this adds to your pain and you feel forced to put your fake smile on and pretend that everything is ok.

You wonder if there is anybody out there who can truly understand what it is that you are going through.

Even when you make an effort to explain you feel misunderstood and perhaps even angry at your friends, family and colleagues, for their ill-informed words that they think should make you feel better.

What’s even more unfair, is that there is a sad and cruel twist to the impact that your fertility journey is having on your life. Which is that the emotional pain it is causing can be further harming your chances of becoming pregnant too.

If this all sounds painfully too familiar there is something very important that I want you to know.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

There is a structured way to handle this emotional overwhelm, that will step by step, enable you to take back control of your life and your fertility journey.

The Freedom Fertility Formula™ has been designed to ‘Crack the Code of the F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Mind’ - 7 core sessions and a bonus follow up session if you want it, that will gently support you on a journey of transformation, providing you with the code to access the key to freedom and live your life more fully once again.

The really great news is that whilst you are doing that you are also enhancing your chances of becoming pregnant too. 

Laying down strong foundations with The Freedom Fertility Formula™ with Dany Griffiths


The foundation element is spread over two sessions. This gives plenty of time for you to share your 'fertility story' and to carry out some positive pathway planning. As well as laying down a strong foundation for change.

Understanding your Emotions with The Freedom Fertility Formula™ with Dany Griffiths


Learn about your emotions in a whole new way so that they are able to guide you in the best direction rather than holding you back

Reprogramming you mind with The Freedom Fertility Formula™ with Dany Griffiths


Let go of the negative experiences and subconscious emotional blocks that may be inadvertently affecting your fertility, and set up new Pathways for Success instead.

Tactics to manage your life with The Freedom Fertility Formula™ and Dany Griffiths


Know how to instantly change your emotional state whenever you need and protect yourself from the negative impacts of life.

Using your imagination to help with The Freedom Fertility Formula™ and Dany Griffiths


Use the power of the mind/body connection to enhance your natural fertility and double the success rate of IVF.

Feel free to live your life again - LIBRATION - with The Freedom Fertility Formula™ with Dany Griffiths


Feel ready to accept invitations, make plans and get on with living your life again knowing that you can handle anything.

Enjoying life again with Freedom Fertility Formula™ and Dany Griffiths


 Wake up each day feeling positive and optimistic, enjoy fun times with your family and friends, and feel passionate about your partner, your relationships and your life in general.

​This is your new reality.

A Freedom Fertility Specialists has the skills to ensure that right from the start, you can share your pain with someone who knows how to listen in a way that you are guaranteed to feel heard.

All of our Freedom Fertility Coaches have been trained to ‘Crack the Code of the F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Mind’ and help you to access the key to freedom and live your life fully again

If this resonates with you and you'd like to book a Free Freedom Fertility First Aid Session please email

You may also wish to join us on our Facebook Group that has been set up as a Safe Space for those struggling with fertility issues where there is a free 5 day workshop - 'laying a strong foundation for change'.