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Dany Griffiths

Helping You Feel Your Way Through Life


Hi, thanks for joining me.

I’m guessing if you are here something felt right about checking me out.

That’s good because your FEELINGS are the thing I am passionate about and making sure that your emotions are continually moving you forward, instead of holding you back, underpins everything I do.

I want to help you ‘Feel Your Way Through Life’. Which means that I want you to feel able to live your life in a way that’s right for you, handling the rough with the smooth and feeling CALM, CONFIDENT and EMOTIONALLY IN CONTROL in everything you do.

Life can often have a person feeling like they are journeying through life with the wrong Map can't it? When in truth they just don't have a Compass to re-orientate themselves with. To add further problems their Sat. Nav has old outdated Route Maps from their past and they don't know how to re-programme it.

I am on a mission to change that with my unique F.R.E.E. Life Formulas.

F.R.E.E. as you can see is an acronym which stands for 'Feel Right Emotional Empowerment' and I will begin by explaining what I mean by that.

Feel Right – I have a saying “If it feels right it is right”. I believe that we all instinctively know what is right for us and what the best course of action is to take at any given time. We know when we are following those natural instincts because when we are on the right track. We get a ‘good feeling' about that don’t we? It ‘feels right’.

Emotional Empowerment – In general emotions particularly the more ‘difficult’ ones are something that people consider must be controlled and reined in. When a person is described as emotional, they are often viewed as weak and a bit flakey and someone who can’t control their emotions properly aren’t they? It may surprise you therefore to learn that often those who are ‘controlling’ their emotions are not doing that in the most useful way.

We tend to bumble on through life though don't we? Not really noticing that we are lost until something big enough suddenly stops us in our tracks. The problem is that by the time we get to that point even if we did have the right Map and a Compass and the ability to reprogramme our Sat-Nav., we no longer have the mental or emotional capacity to do it alone.

What we then need is a Guide and this is where my F.R.E.E. Life Formula Specialists come in.

Currently I have created (or I am in the process of creating) the following F.R.E.E. Life Formulas:

FERTILITY - For those struggling to conceive I have created the Freedom Fertility Formula, the aim of which is to reduce the mental anguish of infertility, to improve lives and pregnancy success. There is also support for loss, the decision to stop trying, IVF and other assisted methods and early pregnancy.

FAMILY - Coming soon the Freedom Family Formula supporting couples who have had a difficult fertility journey as they progress through Pregnancy to Parenthood journey.

FEELINGS – The Freedom Feelings Formula is specifically designed for those people who are toughing out life every day. They may look like their life is 'working well' on the outside, secretly on the inside though they are falling apart.

Each F.R.E.E. Life Formula uses a unique blend of Coaching, Counselling and Mind/Body Connection Techniques and is ideal additional training for those who already work in a 'talking therapy'. If you work with clients using a 'physical therapy' and are finding that your clients are also looking to you for emotional well-being support that you don't have the experience to provide, then one or more of the F.R.E.E. Life Formulas maybe perfect for your needs too.

Click on the FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP Link below if you are interested in becoming a Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist. To join the priority list for the Freedom Family Formula and Freedom Feelings Formula Specialist training please email me at dany@danygriffiths.com


If you would like to find out if working with Fertility Clients is right for you. Check out my Free Online Introductory Workshop for Becoming a Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist.

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Dany Griffiths