Similar yet different

As you progress through the Freedom Family Formula™ Specialist Training you will notice that there is a lot of similarity with the Freedom Fertility Formula™. This comes in the form of a structure in the five sessions of the Blooming module and also with the Conscious Emotional Processing™ strategies, exercises and techniques. The difference being in how to use Conscious Emotional Processing™ with your Clients for their Pregnancy to Parenthood Journey. Because of this, I will not provide complete retraining on the Conscious Emotional Processing™ strategies, exercises and techniques.

Instead, I will share how they are relevant to the Freedom Family Formula™

The ripple effect

Parents living with Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ create Children who live with Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ who as they grow will change the world.

Seeing those two pink lines on a pregnancy stick for most will bring amazing joy, for many that will also bring with it some fears, for some, it will cause extreme stress and anxiety. My aim with the Freedom Family Formula™ is to redefine antenatal education by placing mental and emotional well-being at the heart of a person's Pregnancy to Parenthood Journey.

For some, this will mean that the Freedom Family Formula™ provides emotional space for preparing for the changes and challenges that come with the joy of a new baby.

For others, the Freedom Family Formula™ will provide the necessary healing from the challenges they bring into their Pregnancy to Parenthood Journey. Such things as a difficult Fertility Journey, baby loss, the loss of their partner, a parent, or someone else close to them, previous birth trauma, or any other number of things that may be causing them to feel additional stress and anxiety.

Whether a Client comes to the Freedom Family Formula™ looking for a healing journey or simply to prepare for their new life journey, I have no doubt that all of your Clients will experience a life-changing journey as they learn how to live and parent with Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™.

These parents will then have a unique understanding of emotions that they will pass on to their children creating a powerful ripple effect which as I have shown in my quote above I believe has the ability to change the world.

Training blueprint

There are three modules for your training as a Freedom Family Formula™ Specialist and also for your Clients.

You will find separate training handbooks for each module.

A photo of Dany Griffiths -founder of the Freedom Fertility Formula™


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