The Freedom Fertility Formula™ Coaching

My wondefrful Freedom Fertility Coaches

Freedom Fertility Coaching is a process that specifically addresses the impact that fertility issues may have on a person’s life.

A Freedom Fertility Coach will help their clients examine what is going on in their life right now, and what has changed since experiencing fertility issues.

This provides their client with the opportunity to discover what obstacles or challenges there might be, so that they can choose a course of action that enables them to regain the value in life again, whilst still being respectful of their desire to have a baby, and enhancing their chances of conceiving too. It is recognised that the impacts themselves will vary from person to person, even if they appear on the surface of things to be the same.

  • ​15 mins Clarity Call to discover whether The Freedom Fertility Formula™ is right for the prospective client, if there is a good fit between them and the Freedom Fertility Coach, and to gain an understanding of what the The Freedom Fertility Formula™ Coaching will offer them. It is the first step in their coaching relationship with their Freedom Fertility Coach, but in no way commits them to going any further.
  • ​15 mins Professional Boundary setting call. A boundary setting call can take place either as part of the clarity call, if the individual has expressed at that point that they wish to continue with Freedom Fertility Coaching Sessions, or in a separate call when they have booked on to their first session. During this call the Freedom Fertility Coach will take them through the Client Agreement in order to set the boundaries of the Coach/Client relationship. It is imperative to make sure that the client understands each point as they are taken through the Agreement.
  • ​2 hour Foundation session to share where the Client is at right now, and set the goals and measurable actions plan for their coaching sessions.
  • ​Further 60-90 minutes sessions set at regular intervals to enable the client time to put into practice what has been discussed and learnt during each session.
  • ​Interim Email support and occasional brief check-in calls if required.

The Freedom Fertility Formula™ Coaching is designed to continually give all the power back to the Client. We believe that the Client knows how to handle and resolve all challenges that they may have in their life, and have the answers to what is right for them on their fertility journey, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside.

The skill of their Freedom Fertility Coach lies, in them knowing the right questions to ask their Clients, and having the right tools and techniques to empower them to find those answers within themselves.

We recognise that the Client, is their own best expert with regards to knowing what they need on their fertility journey and what is right for them. The Freedom Fertility Coach is an expert in The Freedom Fertility Formula™ coaching process. As such, they will help their Clients to discover what their own personal way for living life positively whilst trying for a baby, looks like.

Struggling with fertility issues can become overwhelming, inadvertently trapping women and their partners in an emotional prison, from which it is hard to escape. Freedom Fertility Coaching helps to release them by enabling them to reconcile being able to focus positively on their life once again, whilst holding onto their dream of having a baby.


​If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Freedom Fertility Coach please email us.

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