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Having fertility issues can be very isolating can't it? It's tough, it's cruel and it's debilitating, and even when you do share your journey people don't normally get it do they?

Sometimes they may be really obviously uncomfortable if you try and tell them what you are going through, which can make you feel even worse can't it? Others may throw out some useless platitudes which exasperate you. The worse ones I think you will agree, are the people that think it's appropriate to give you advice. I know many of my clients have said that this has them wanting to scream in the person's face, "so you are suddenly a f*****g expert in infertility are you?"

A Freedom Fertility Coach is like having a best friend who 'gets it'. They know how to listen to make sure you feel heard, they know how to guide you without telling you what to do, and they know how to ask you all of the right questions to help you uncover the answers that are already there deep down inside of you. 

When you work with a Freedom Fertility Coach they will help you to examine what is going on in your life right now, and really importantly, what has changed since you got on the roller-coaster ride of infertility.

This enables you to discover what specific obstacles or challenges there might be for you. Your Freedom Fertility Coach will then take you through a process that will enable you to lay down a Pathway of Success for you to follow. Small manageable steps that will ensure that by the time you reach session 6 of the Freedom Fertility Formula, you won't recognise the woman you are today - in a good way.

That's hard to believe isn't it? In just 6 sessions spread across approximately three months, you will be in control of your fertility journey, rather than your fertility journey controlling you.

This is such a win:win because you get to regain the value in life again, whilst still being respectful of your desire to have a baby, and enhancing your chances of conceiving too.

You can find out more about the 6 core sessions of the Freedom Fertility Formula here.

Back to working with a Freedom Fertility Coach though and what that looks like.

  • Your journey with your Freedom Fertility Coach will start with a 15 mins Clarity Call to discover whether the Freedom Fertility Formula™ is right for you. Also to make sure that there is a good fit between you and your Freedom Fertility Coach. Remember they are going to be like having a best buddy who is skilled in listening to you, and supporting and guiding you in a useful way, so they have to feel right for you don't they? This clarity call is the first step in your coaching relationship with your Freedom Fertility Coach, but in no way commits you to going any further.
  • You will also have a 15 mins Professional Boundary setting call. A boundary setting call can take place either as part of the clarity call, if you are ready to move to the next level at that point with your Freedom Fertility Coach, or in a separate call when you have booked on to your first session. During this call your Freedom Fertility Coach will take you through the Client Agreement in order to set the boundaries of the Coach/Client relationship. I am sure that you will agree that it is important for every relationship to have boundaries isn't it? 
  • Your first session is around 2 - 2.5 hours. It takes a bit longer than the other sessions to give you plenty of time to share your fertility journey with your Freedom Fertility Coach. I am not talking about the list of tests, procedures and treatments - you can put all of that on your 'intake form'. This is about you sharing how your fertility journey has made you feel, how it has affected the different areas of your life, and what stories you may have heard that you feel have affected your beliefs about your ability to get pregnant. You will then draw a line in the sand and say "right - how do I want my life to actually be" - whether you believe it is possible at that point or not. Your Freedom Fertility Coach will then help you plan out your 'Success Steps' to get you there. They are also going to be right by your side as you walk along that new path. Supporting you, guiding you, encouraging you, picking you back up if you stumble and celebrating with you when you succeed.
  • The remaining 5 sessions will be around 60-90 minutes, set at regular intervals to enable you time to put into practice what you have been discussing and learning during each session.
  • There are times as well though aren't there, when you need someone to turn to in the moment? When maybe you are having a really bad day, just 'because'. Or perhaps something upsetting has happened, maybe someone trying to give you that useless bit of advice, or yet another pregnancy or birth announcement just as your period turns up. Or maybe a thoughtless colleague asking you if you are worried about getting to old to have children.  There are so many things that can cause you pain and upset aren't there? The good news is, that as you progress through your sessions you will become more confident at handling them by yourself. If you need your Freedom Fertility Coach between sessions though, they will be available via Email support and the occasional brief check-in calls if required. There's no point having a buddy who get's your fertility journey if you can't get hold of them though. Although just like any relationship, they can't be available 24/7. 

The Freedom Fertility Formula™ Coaching is designed to continually give all the power back to you. We believe that you know how to handle and resolve all challenges that may come up in your life, and have the answers to what is right for you on your fertility journey, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside right now.

The skill of your Freedom Fertility Coach lies, in them knowing the right questions to ask you, and having the right tools and techniques to help you to find those answers within yourself.

You are your own best expert with regards to knowing what you need on your fertility journey and what is right for YOU. Your Freedom Fertility Coach is an expert in The Freedom Fertility Formula™ coaching process. As such, they will help you to discover what your own personal way for living life positively whilst trying for a baby, looks like.

I don't need to tell you that struggling with fertility issues can become overwhelming, you are living that overwhelm on a daily basis. Many of my clients have likened their fertility struggles to being trapped in an emotional prison, from which it is hard to escape. Their partners feel equally trapped but they are stuck on the outside, often hiding their own pain and feeling helpless and not knowing what to do.  Freedom Fertility Coaching helps to release both you and your partner, by enabling you to reconcile being able to focus positively on your life once again, whilst holding onto your dream of having a baby.

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