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The length of waiting to see those two pink lines on a stick you've pee'd on (your partner has pee'd on), feels like hell on earth doesn't it? We're not talking about the two minutes the test takes, although when you are struggling to conceive, waiting that two minutes can feel never-ending as well can't it? What we are referring to is the months and years that some couples are forced to spend waiting, to finally get to see the result on that stick they are 'praying' for.

Whilst we appreciate that everyone is different in terms of what they can and can't cope with, if you are on a difficult fertility journey, it is probably one of the hardest things (if not THE hardest thing) you have ever had to deal with. In some way shape or form you are probably feeling forced to put your life on hold and not only are you 'Living in the Wait', you are 'WAITING TO LIVE'.Here's the really important thing we want you to know.

It doesn't have to be that way.

We acknowledge though that when a person is in a place of deep pain it is not always possible to see a way forward.

Freedom Fertility First-Aid™

To find out more join the Freedom Fertility Formula Emotional Well-Being Support Facebook Group, where our team of Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialists are waiting to support you.

This is the first step in your working relationship with your Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist, but in no way commits you to going any further.

Freedom Fertility First-Aid™ will provide you with an incredibly powerful 'Coping Mechanism'. However, much like you wouldn't expect your broken arm to set right without expert care, or for a gaping wound to remain free of infection if left, you don't want to see it as a long term strategy for being able to live a more fulfilling life in the wait. It also alone won't be able to give you everything you need to support the mind/body connection that enhances fertility success.

F.R.E.E.™ Life Strategy

Unique Strategy For You

F.R.E.E.™ stands for 'Feel Right Emotionally Empowered' which is designed to continually give all the power back to you. Your Freedom Fertility FormulaSpecialist will work with you from a state of belief that you know how to handle and resolve all challenges that may come up in your life. That you have all of the answers within you as to what is right for you on your fertility journey and for your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside right now.

The skill of your Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist lies, in them knowing the right questions to ask you, and having the right tools and techniques to help you to find those answers within yourself.

You are your own best expert with regards to knowing what you need on your fertility journey and what is right for YOU. Your Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist is an expert in making sure that you that you have the right F.R.E.E.™ Life Strategy to complement that. As such, they will help you to discover what your own personal way for 'Living in the Wait' looks like.

We don't need to tell you that struggling with fertility issues can become overwhelming, you are living that overwhelm on a daily basis. Many of our clients have likened their fertility struggles to being trapped in an emotional prison, from which it is hard to escape. Their partners feel equally trapped but they are stuck on the outside, often hiding their own pain and feeling helpless and not knowing what to do.  Working with a Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist helps to F.R.E.E.™ both you and your partner, by enabling you to reconcile being able to focus positively on your life together once again, whilst holding onto your dream of having a baby.

Having A 'Best Buddy Who Gets It'

There is an added bonus to working with a Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist which is that they will feel like having a 'Best Buddy Who Gets It'. This is an incredibly powerful bonus to have because (in)fertility can be very isolating can't it? It's tough, it's cruel and it's debilitating, and even when you do share your journey people don't normally get it. Sometimes they may be really obviously uncomfortable if you try and tell them what you are going through, which can make you feel even worse can't it? Others may throw out some useless platitudes which exasperate you. The worse ones I think you will agree, are the people that think it's appropriate to give you advice. Many of our clients have said that this has them wanting to scream in the person's face, "so you are suddenly a beeping expert in fertility are you?"

Your Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist not only knows how to listen to make sure you feel heard, they also know how to guide you without telling you what to do, and they know how to ask you all of the right questions to help you uncover the answers that are already there deep down inside of you. They will also be available via text/email and the occasional call if required between sessions, at no additional cost, because I am sure you will agree it's no good having a Best Buddy Who 'Gets It' if you can't contact them when you need.


If you would like to find out if working with Fertility Clients is right for you. Check out our Free Online Introductory Workshop for Becoming a Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist.

WAIT, before you go!

Learn how you can reclaim emotional control of your fertility journey and start living life more joyfully again.



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