Help those struggling to conceive and grow a successful Fertility Coaching business with the
Freedom Fertility Formula™.

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Nicola Headley
Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist

“I knew I had to train as a Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist.  Even though we were struggling for our second baby, I was still grieving our missed miscarriage. But I knew supporting others through their fertility journey was exactly what I was meant to do. So, I put aside all the reasons why I shouldn't, and did it anyway."

Download our training brochure to find out more and explore if becoming a Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist is right for you.​

With so much uncertainty in the world right now nurturing emotional well-being and understanding the right way to grow our emotional resilience is more important than ever. For those struggling to conceive, it may be the difference between Fertility Despair and Fertility Success and yet there is very little support available to meet their specific needs.

The Freedom Fertility FormulaTM fills this void with its unique approach and International team of Freedom Fertility FormulaTM Specialists supporting their clients face to face and online.

We need more exceptional people to join us though and I am hoping this is where you may come in.

You may have had your own difficult fertility journey and now want to help others and you are looking for the best way to do that.

Or perhaps you are already working with fertility clients in some way and feel that you want to acquire new skills in order to help them from an emotional perspective.

If you haven't experienced (in)Fertility first-hand you may instead be here because like me, you have witnessed someone close to you having to deal with the emotional pain that (in)Fertility causes.

Through working with you as a Freedom Fertility Formula™  Specialist you will take your clients on a healing journey during which they will learn how to ‘Live in the Wait’ with Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ and living life on their terms which in turn enhances their chances of Fertility Success.

Download our training brochure to find out more and explore if becoming a Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist is right for you.​

Who is your trainer?

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Dany Griffiths
Freedom Fertility Formula™

Hi, I’m Dany Griffiths, I am the Founder and Award Winning Creator of the Freedom Fertility Formula.  I have been supporting couples with fertility issues since 2007, and I have also provided business mentoring support to small business owners in the areas of fertility, pregnancy and birth since 2013

The impact of infertility goes way beyond the struggle to get pregnant and have a longed-for baby, and yet the mental and emotional health and well-being of those dealing with fertility issues, is very rarely supported by the medical professionals. I am on a mission to change that.

I am looking for people who truly get the importance of the emotional health and well-being side of infertility to help me with that mission.

Dany Griffiths
A photo of Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist Aysha O’Connor

Aysha O’Connor
Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist

"Thank you for all your continuing support Dany. You have exceeded my expectations with the level of support you provide and continue to provide for us FFF Specialists. We’re so lucky to have you! I’m looking forward to reading your book."

WAIT, before you go!

Learn how you can reclaim emotional control of your fertility journey and start living life more joyfully again.



A photo of Dany Griffiths -founder of the Freedom Fertility Formula™


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