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The Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being of individuals struggling with fertility issues is not given enough consideration. This has a huge impact on their lives and their chances of becoming pregnant. Read on to find out how you can help.

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Join me for this Free Online Workshop for becoming a Freedom Fertility Coach.

Freedom Fertility Formula Coaching is not right for everyone. I am looking for Fertility Pioneers only.

Women (or guys) who like me recognise that not enough consideration is being given to the Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being of those struggling with fertility issues, and who are ready to help me do something about that.

Is that you? Are you ready to change the lives of many?

Life is beyond tough for those struggling with fertility issues isn't it? You know this because that is why you are here. You've either experienced it yourself or you've witnessed others having to deal with the pain of infertility. You are here because you care deeply and you want to make a difference to the lives of those suffering, and you are searching for the best way of doing that.

There are all sorts of different options available for helping with infertility aren't there, and I often find that people wonder what the best way might be for them to be able to support those struggling? Most of those options are extremely beneficial to their clients (I won't say all, because I have come across some real crack-pot stuff out there that my clients have been told to do).

As a leading expert in emotional health and well-being I can tell you though, that without making sure that a person’s mental health is looked after, all other treatments are compromised.

If you are looking to help your clients double their chances of IVF being successful and enhance their natural fertility, working as a Freedom Fertility Coach with a focus on emotional health and well-being, maybe just what you are looking. for, and you will gain enormous value from being trained by one of the top Fertility Coaches in the UK..

There's something else that's important that I want you to know.

When working as a Freedom Fertility Coach there is also an awesome added bonus to the work carried out with clients.

We are helping to take people from a point of deep suffering to a place in which they can live their lives to the full again.

  • They become reconnected with their partners.
  • They are able to make short and long term plans..
  • They can enjoy meeting up with their friends.
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    They can handle hearing pregnancy and birth announcements and even seeing pregnant women and babies too.

And so much more...

By working with a Freedom Fertility Coach, clients can reclaim the joy in life again and tame the emotional overwhelm that infertility brings.

Join me for this Free Online Workshop for becoming a Freedom Fertility Coach.

​Kate Rixon

"​Today was so awsome! Everything totally fell into place and I am so physced to get started with my case study. Thank you fro looking after us nand thank you ladies for an amzing day!"

And so much more...

By working with a Freedom Fertility Coach, clients can reclaim the joy in life again and tame the emotional overwhelm that infertility brings.

What you will learn

The workshop consists of 5 lessons during which I am going to put you through your P.A.C.E.S, so that you can find out if working as a Freedom Fertility Coach is right for you. 

You will learn...

  • The reasons why working with fertility clients maybe right for you.
  • Who your ideal clients might be who you want to support.
  • How to help your clients create a step by step pathway to success.
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    How to quickly and simply help your clients take back emotional control of their fertility journey.
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    My number 1 step  for you to take to start building your reputation as a fertility specialist.

What to expect when you join this training

  • When you join this Free Fertility Coaching Workshop you will be given your own unique login details to my private online training room. 
  • From here you will gain access to the workshop from the comfort of your own home, maybe your office, or even the local coffee shop if you wish, at a time that is convenient to you.
  • The course is designed to run over 5 days, however you will gain access to all of the lessons as soon as you join, for those of you who like to immerse yourself in a new training course. 
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    For those that like to move at a gentler pace, I will also  be sending out an email for each lesson on a daily basis, reminding you to check out your lesson for that day. You will find that each lesson builds on the last, taking you through 5 key areas that will lay a solid foundation for your Fertility Coaching Career, if you decide that is what is right for you.

Support through your training

  • When you sign up to this Free Online Freedom Fertility Coaching Workshop, you will be invited to join my Fertility Specialists Training and Support Network Facebook Group, where you can share your learnings.
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    I am available on the group on a daily basis to answer any questions you may have.
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    To complete the course I have recorded a presentation for you in which I am delving deeper into the Freedom Fertility Formula. 

What do Freedom Fertility Coaches say about their Freedom Fertility Formula training?

“​Awsome Day, Dany doesn't do boring routine training :-) ”

- ​Carolyn Arnold -

"OMG what an awsome day. It was well worth the 14 hour day with travelling. I am still buzzing now. X ”

- ​Tracy Keet -

“ Had a fantastic day retraining ​in fertility work with some awsome aspiring women​ and went out and partied tonight! ”

- ​Michelle McGolpin -

Dany Griffiths Testimonials
Dany Griffiths Testimonials

Who is your trainer?

A photo of Dany Griffiths

Dany Griffiths
Freedom Fertility Formula™

Hi, I’m Dany Griffiths, I am the Founder and Award Winning Creator of the Freedom Fertility Formula.  I have been supporting couples with fertility issues since 2007., and I have also provided business mentoring support to small business owners in the areas of fertility, pregnancy and birth since 2013

The impact of infertility goes way beyond the struggle to get pregnant and have a longed-for baby, and yet the mental and emotional health and well-being of those dealing with fertility issues, is very rarely supported by the medical professionals. I am on a mission to change that.

I am looking for people who truly get the importance of the emotional health and well-being side of infertility to help me with that mission.

Dany Griffiths

If this sounds like something you are interested in, then this Free Online Freedom Fertility Coaching Workshop is a great place to start. Click on the link to book your place.