"Intense desire for something, coupled with the inability to fulfil that desire is life's most PAINFUL combination." - Author Unknown

Hey you, I am so glad you have found me because if you are here it is for one of two reasons, either you are struggling with fertility issues or you want to help those that are.

Maybe you are that woman whose first waking thought is "am I ever going to have a baby?"

You dread looking on Facebook, Instagram or any other of your chosen social media accounts, for fear that you will see yet another pregnancy or birth announcement. Worse still you have to go out in to the big wide world don't you, and it feels like there is a pregnant woman or a mum with a baby, just hanging around on every corner ready to jump OUT and flash their fertility at you?

Not to mention having to deal with the well-meaning friends who tell you about the stories of people getting pregnant when they stopped trying, because they weren't stressing about it anymore. How many more people are going to tell you to just relax, eh?

Well at least one more actually, because I am but in a useful way I promise. In a number of ways that will surprise you in fact.

What about those irritating people who ask you when you are going to get on with it, talk about your biological clock ticking, and straight up ask you when you are going to have a baby because surely you must realise that your time is running out?

The thing is no matter how frustrating, upsetting and infuriating all of this is, it is not possible to raise enough awareness to stop people planting their foot well and truly in 'it'. What is possible though is to stop these things from hurting you, and that solution starts with taking care of your mental health and emotional well-being. 

Because let's be honest infertility is slowly but surely ruining your life, or the lives of those you want to help, isn't it?  Health, wealth, relationships, peace of mind, career, holidays, birthday, weddings, absolutely every part of life is affected.

Infertility steals away the joy of  life.

If you are struggling with fertility issues, you will know that It all gets lost doesn’t it? In the alternative universe of a life that you are living, in which you’ve somehow become a defunct baby making machine.

I saw my best friend go through this year after year after year.  I saw her go to so many people in the hope that they would be the miracle answer to her prayers.

I asked her “where’s the emotional support?  Who is helping you handle this shit? Who is making sure that you stay sane through this and come out the other side with a life intact, a life that you want to bring a baby into?"

The problem is that the mental health and emotional well-being of individuals struggling with fertility issues is not given enough consideration, which of course has a huge impact on their lives. The sad thing is, that it affects their chances of becoming pregnant too. I will go further and say that without making sure a person’s mental health is looked after, all other treatments are compromised.

My best friend Sarita didn’t have an answer to my question, so I became that person.

Sarita now has two beautiful children which is awesome, however although working with me enhanced her fertility, this isn't the main reason that she trained to become a Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist.

Sarita doesn't want others to be stuck in the emotional pain and overwhelm that she was in before I took her through the Freedom Fertility Formula, from which she finally took back control of the emotional overwhelm of her infertility journey, and reclaimed the joy in her life again.

The great news as Sarita found, is that whilst you are working towards reclaiming the joy in your life again, you are ENHANCING YOUR CHANCES of becoming pregnant too.

So, whilst there is evidence to suggest that working with a Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist has the potential to enhance your natural fertility and double IVF success rates, it isn't its sole purpose. We know that it is as equally important for you to feel emotionally in control of your fertility journey, and yes live a life worth living too.

If what you’ve read so far resonates with you, please take a look around the site to find out more about the Freedom Fertility Formula™ and whether working with a Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist is right for you or perhaps training to become one.

Dany Griffiths

Free to live life once more with the




Free to live life once more with the