Freedom Family Formula™

Freedom Family Formula™

Your Healing Journey to Parenthood

On the outside you look like every other newly pregnant mum or dad.

Life feels full of congratulations, loads of advice (most of it conflicting) and lots of people sharing the many stories of their pregnancy to parenthood journey.

You look happy, you are happy on the one hand, of course you are. Yet there is a dark cloud hanging over you.

Underneath all the apparent joy you are struggling.

Freedom Fertility Formula™ - Pregnant

Perhaps you’ve experienced a difficult Fertility Journey and you can’t quite let yourself believe that you will finally get to hold your baby. The fears and worrying thoughts somehow feel worse now than ever.

You may have been struggling for years with something like General Anxiety, and you don’t know how you are going to cope with that and taking care of a baby.

Maybe someone significant in your life has passed; your mum, your dad, a close friend or other family member. The pain of you missing them being a part of this special time, and them missing out, is causing an overwhelming deep sadness within you that is blocking out your joy.

Possibly you have experienced a difficult pregnancy and/or birth previously and have never had an opportunity to process those feelings. Now they have come raging to the surface and you don’t know how to shut them back down.

There are a myriad of reasons why you may be struggling and most likely very few people know just how much. Those that do know don’t know how to help and they don’t understand.

Adding insult to injury you are now worrying about how your difficult emotions are impacting on your baby.

If your partner is pregnant you are concerned that their worries about you will again be impacting on your baby.

What better time to take back control?

Not in the sense of controlling your emotions which closes down your options and you are probably doing way too much of that already.

Feeling emotionally in control which lifts you out of the Emergency State you are currently existing in and placing you in a state of resourcefulness in which your world opens up for you once again.

The Freedom Family Formula™ provides a unique opportunity for you to embark on a Dynamic Emotional Healing and Life Empowerment Journey that teach you how to live your life with Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™.

Freedom Fertility Formula™ - Pregnant Couple Relaxing

Feel Right Emotional EmpowermentTM takes emotional education to a whole new level and some specific benefits to be gained from that are as follows:

  • You are able to consciously and intuitively make the best decisions for you based on what you know is right for you and not what others believe.
  • You no longer self-sabotage your inner peace with the thoughts in your head.
  • You know how to protect yourself from the emotional impacts of the outside world.
  • You live life on your terms no matter what’s happening in your present, has gone on in your past, or is coming up in your future.
  • You can emotionally handle all aspects of life even through times of adversity.

What better time than when you are pregnant (or your partner is), to learn how to process and work with your emotions in a unique way, that will change how you live your life forever?

The benefits for you are profound, and the positive impact for your child/children is life-lasting.

Freedom Fertility Formula™ - Couple with baby


A photo of Dany Griffiths -founder of the Freedom Fertility Formula™


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