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Why do so many teachers struggle to conceive?

Whether it’s the stress of the workload, the challenging behaviour from students, unrealistic expectations from leadership, or the frustration from a lack of autonomy in the classroom, many teachers struggle to conceive, with a large number being forced to turn to assisted conception after years of infertility.

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How to handle back to school pics and other posts like them

Seeing all the happy back to school pics is like a stab to your heart isn’t it? In truth, social media posts have the potential to do that to you each and every day of the year don’t they?

They are a reminder (not that you need one) of the fact that you don’t yet have your long for child.

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Downward Cycle of Despair

How are you currently coping?

Excerpt from my new book ‘I just want to have a baby: a guide for your emotional well-being on your journey from Fertility Despair to Fertility Freedom, available to purchase on Amazon.

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Fertility Success: how to let go of worrying

A difficult Fertility Journey brings with it a whole host of worries doesn't it? This can lead to feelings of anxiety. The dictionary definition of anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

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