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The Thin Thread Held To My Fertility

Guest Blog Post:
A few years ago my life was hanging from a thin, almost invisible thread attached to my fertility.

When I heard the words: YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT, it broke me, causing me to fall into the harsh and cold pavement of despair and hopelessness.

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4 Top Tips for Surviving the 2 Week Wait

Guest Blog Post
I’ve had my fair share of two week waits and I know they’re not easy. Time moves painfully slowly and you’re full of worry and what ifs. Will this be the month? Will it ever happen? For me it was the not knowing which was the worst.

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Surviving IVF

There is no getting away from it IVF is tough.

Like with all things in life every woman experiences it in her own way, however no-one really wants to become a human pin-cushion do they?

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How to handle back to school pics and other posts like them

Seeing all the happy back to school pics is like a stab to your heart isn’t it? In truth, social media posts have the potential to do that to you each and every day of the year don’t they?

They are a reminder (not that you need one) of the fact that you don’t yet have your long for child.

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Infertility: the No. 1 thing to look into

I am following up on Stacey Painter’s insightful post on 'Infertility Research: where not to start',  in which she points out that our logical brain gets side-lined by our emotional brain when exploring options for fertility success.

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How does IVF feel

What IVF Feels Like

What was your first thought when you saw this headline?
Did you start to read thinking that I was going to be sharing with you how IVF physically makes you feel?

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