However, having a duvet day did not feel right today, so instead, I decided to dig deeper into why I was feeling this way.

At first, I thought it was worry about my son Benji returning to school, but as I delved into my Conscious Empowerment process, I discovered it was something much more profound.

My intuitive Sixth-Sense Guidance led me to carry out Subconscious Empowerment work, uncovering an outdated Route Map that was affecting my business.

As I worked on reprogramming this Route Map, I recalled a story my mum had shared about herself, sitting on her bed, 8 months pregnant with me, having just been told that my biological dad was dead.

What transpired from that was a deep conversation with my biological dad. I'm not necessarily speaking in a spiritual sense (although, for those with this belief, it could be viewed that way).

Either way, it felt like a deeply real conversation to me.

We discussed the lessons I'd absorbed at that moment, both helpful and unhelpful, that were still impacting me today.

Our discussion revealed an early fear of the world and my desire to stay curled up and snug where I was and not be born, safe and hidden, much like those duvet days.

Once we'd wiped out the unhelpful Route Map, it was time to Reprogramme a new one, and my biological dad reminded me that my symbol for him was the Phoenix, and it was time for me to rise from the ashes and get on with doing the work I'm here to do.

I came out of that session with a renewed sense of purpose I've not felt in quite a while.

This experience personifies why I believe in a dynamic approach for ourselves and when working with clients.

I've known this story since I was 17, and I've done Subconscious Empowerment work on it before, but this particular Route Map hadn't surfaced until now.

Our Route Maps are intricate, and healing isn't always linear. We may resolve one aspect, but it might resurface in another area or at a different time, leaving us feeling like we've failed.

I call this the "Feel Great Feel Like a Failure Rollercoaster of Personal Development."

With a dynamic approach, we can navigate these twists and turns more easily, avoiding the ups and downs of this rollercoaster.

I practice what I teach with Feel Right Emotional Empowerment, which is why I can guarantee that if you apply it to your life, you will achieve the results you're looking for.

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