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By Dany Griffiths

Apart from having sex that is (assuming that you are going for natural conception).

In my experience when someone first starts to fear that they are having fertility issues they immediately turn to what is wrong with them physically.

Both partners go through a battery of medical tests and irrespective of what those tests show, they attempt to heal themselves physically. What I mean by that is if there is a medical reason there may be a medical procedure they can undergo to rectify the situation and/or they may also support that holistically with complimentary therapies, diet, yoga, etc.

However, if the results of the test come out as unexplained infertility individuals still focus on the physical with strict diets, supplements, Chinese medicines, yoga, and so on.

What rarely comes up outside of ‘ways to relax’ is taking care of the mind and their Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being, which is very unfortunate because the body isn’t working alone (although we often behave like it is). The mind is continually working with the body and sets it up to function based on the external environment, which it only understands through how we feel.

Fertility issues bring about a vicious cycle for those affected, because infertility causes a huge amount of emotional stress and in turn the emotional stress further impacts on a person’s fertility.

For this reason the primary focus of the Freedom Fertility Formula is to look at how to mitigate the effect that infertility has on a person’s Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being. Firstly, because common sense dictates that this is important for each individual suffering. Secondly, because of the different psychological factors that have been shown to affect the reproductive ability of both men and women.

For example, research* has identified that stress can interfere with fertility by preventing a reproductive hormone called Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) from functioning properly. On top of that, research from the University of California Berkely, shows that stress can also result in the increase of another type of hormone, the Gonadotropin-Inhibitory Hormone (GnIH), which further impedes the actions of GnRH. In other words, not only is the useful fertility hormone not able to work properly, another hormone is turning up to really make sure that it can’t.

Specifically, research* has found that depression could directly affect infertility through elevated prolactin levels, disruption of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, and thyroid disfunction. One study of 10 depressed and 13 women who were not suffering with depression suggests that depression is associated with abnormal regulation of luteinizing hormone, a hormone that regulates ovulation. Changes in immune function associated with stress and depression may also adversely affect reproductive function.

So, STEP ONE I believe in any fertility treatment must always be taking care of the mind. In turn this may improve fertility, with research* sharing that working in this way may improve natural conception by 30% and have the potential to double IVF Success Rates.

*These studies should be seen as interesting and something to be explored rather than proof.Taking care of the mind is way more than just learning how to reduce stress levels through a bit of relaxation though. The Freedom Fertility Formula takes individuals through 6 proven steps to help reclaim emotional control of their fertility journey, whilst pressing the reset button on what their mind believes their body is capable of in relation to having a baby.

The sessions include practical exercises that the conscious part of the mind can use to live a more fulfilling life once again, along with being able to make decisions that are right for each unique individual person in relation to their fertility journey. The knock on effect is that this will also reduce the physical impact that infertility is having on the body. Whichever way you look at this, it is a win : win isn’t it?

The Freedom Fertility Formula also takes individuals through hypnotherapeutic sessions that look at removing emotional blocks at a much deeper level. Things that you aren’t consciously aware of that have been most likely sending incorrect messages to the body about your fertility and desires to have a baby, for way longer perhaps than you even thought about wanting one. Even as early as your childhood years. From a mind/body connection perspective in fact physical problems that a person may have will have first been caused by the mind.

We also use the mind/body connection to help send more useful messages to the body about a person’s desire to have a baby, which may feel odd when of course any person who is struggling with infertility will tell you that their desire is incredibly strong. However, we are not talking about the words we are telling ourselves when working in this way because the body is set up to function through imagery and emotion. Unfortunately, when we desire something strongly that we aren’t able to achieve through hard work alone, we inadvertently focus on not having that thing and the corresponding emotions send messages to the body saying that it is not the right time to have a baby.

Hence the vicious cycle which has been explored by the medical research.

Does the Freedom Fertility Formula help people to have their longed for baby? YES,  in fact some new trainees are having a very wonderful problem when carrying out their Case Study’s to become qualified, because their clients have become pregnant before they have completed their sessions.

Does it always happen that quickly? NO. My own experience with clients though is that over 90% have become pregnant within 3 to 24 months.

Do I believe that the Freedom Fertility Formula is a miracle cure? NO!

I do believe though that taking care of their Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being is the NUMBER ONE difference maker for those struggling with fertility issues. Both for them to be able to live the most positive life they can whilst waiting for their baby, and also to enhance their chances of natural conception or assisted methods if that is their chosen path.

If you would like to book a Free Consultation with a Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist so that you can put together a Support Strategy for your unique needs, or would like to find out more about training to become a Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist yourself, please do get in contact by emailing



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