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Putting the Spring back in your Step


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By Dany Griffiths

Here in the UK, we are fast approaching Spring, despite the temperature and the snow in some parts, I have seen my first sighting’s of daffodils and that is enough for me to say that Spring is almost here.
I love this time of year, not least of which because my birthday is on the 14th March and my mum always buys me some daffodils to celebrate. Our minds tend to drift towards spring cleaning around this time don’t they, not that we necessarily do any, and that gave me an idea.
How about we do some emotional spring cleaning and put the Spring back in your Step to help you feel more in control of your fertility journey. Because let’s face it being on a difficult fertility journey can really drag you down can’t it?
I’ve been learning just how much people need help. In the last 12 months, the blog posts that I have written (and I realise I haven’t written anywhere near enough of them) that cover the many aspects of how infertility has impacted on mental health and emotional well-being, have collectively amassed around 15,000 hits. Various polls I have put together on Social Media have all come back with individuals primarily wanting to know how to handle the day to day impact of their fertility struggle. Yet, despite this incredible need for help with the emotional impact that infertility has on every aspect of a person’s life, very few people put getting that help on their priority list. The clients we work with as Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialists share with us how their fertility struggle has impacted on their relationships with their partner, their family and their friends. Also, how it has affected their work/business and how they interact with colleagues and clients. They can’t enjoy leisure time like they once did, and even their normal health routines are less enjoyable as they are so fixated on what is right or wrong in relation to getting pregnant and sustaining a pregnancy.
It is not surprising that when we ask our clients to score how their emotional well-being has been affected, we find that almost 100% of them are living their daily lives in an Emergency State.
As well as affecting their ability to live the life they deserve, spending too much time in an Emergency State, unfortunately, has the potential to have an adverse effect on their chances of becoming pregnant and having their longed-for baby too. What our clients say after attending a Freedom Fertility First-Aid session is that they are surprised at how quickly they were able to feel more in control. Not because we can change all of that in just one 90 minute session, because we can unravel the overwhelm. In other words, we can carry out an emotional spring clean and put together a strategy for making the changes that are required to help them live a more fulfilling life in the wait. We also teach them a fabulous technique that will ensure that they can move out of the Emergency State into a Neutral State that is more conducive to fertility success. My vision for the Freedom Fertility Formula™ is a world in which taking care of mental health and emotional well-being is at the heart of a person’s fertility journey. The reason for this is two-fold:
  1. Those struggling to have a baby deserve to ‘live in the wait’ in a more joyful and fulfilling way.
  2. Both research and Freedom Fertility Formula™ results show that taking care of mental health and emotional well-being has the potential to enhance the chances of fertility success.
I get though that infertility is costly and it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to where to spend your money. Understandably, fertility tests and treatment come top of the list. What I then see people focusing on as important, is helping their body to get into the best fertile state possible. Again understandable. Unfortunately, mental health and emotional well-being comes in a poor third when considering getting help, if it comes in at all. This is a travesty as far as I am concerned, because not only does this have the ability to ruin people’s lives whilst on their fertility journey and potentially for the long term too, I believe that without taking care of mental health and emotional well-being, all other treatments are compromised.
This got me to pondering. How, do we get to help more people and show them how important taking care of their mental health and emotional well-being is?
Luckily my Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialists are also keen to help the masses. Therefore, throughout March, many of my team are making space in their diaries to offer the Freedom Fertility First-Aid session for £27 instead of the usual £97* (or local currency equivalent). * the quoted usual session rate may vary. Your Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist will be able to share their usual session rate with you You can find out more about the Freedom Fertility First-Aid session here. I hope on reading you will see the benefit of taking up this incredible offer of attending this one-off session for just £27 (or local currency equivalent). The participating Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialists all work online via Skype or Zoom and therefore even if you do not find someone local to you, you will be able to book in a session with one of them whilst spaces last. All you have to do is take a look down our list of participating Freedom Fertility Formula™  Specialists and if there is someone in your area connect with them. If there isn't a Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist local to you, you will still be able to book a session as they all support clients WORLDWIDE online.All participating Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialists are listed below. Take a browse through their individual websites and send an email to the person who feels right for you.
Don’t delay as we are only running this special rate of £27 (or local currency equivalent) throughout March and I am sure all of the Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist’s diaries are going to get booked up very quickly.
Book your Freedom Fertility First Aid™ session with one of the Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialists today, and let’s ensure that you can ‘live in the wait’ in the best way for you.


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United Kingdom


United Kingdom


United Kingdom



My team of Freedom Fertility FormulaTM Specialists look forward to supporting you. Please also come and join us in our supportive Facebook Group, where you can meet others who have also taken up this offer of attending a Freedom Fertility First-Aid Session.

Dany Griffiths


If you would like to find out if working with Fertility Clients is right for you. Check out my Free Online Introductory Workshop for Becoming a Freedom Fertility FormulaTM Specialist.

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