Through my work, I’ve identified that innate within every single one of us is our internal Life Navigation System. No-one teaches about our Life Navigation System because the wisdom to use it was lost thousands of years ago. We lost the ability to use it because as we evolved intellectually and our lives became more complicated, our Life Navigation System became outdated.

We can liken the need for updating our Life Navigation System to the same way SatNavs for example, Google Maps and Apple Maps, need amending when introducing new road systems. Otherwise, their ability to guide us becomes useless.

At the time, though, no one realised our Life Navigation System needed updating.
Because our Life Navigation System wasn’t updated, it became defunct. Therefore, the wisdom to use it became lost through the generations, and the world began to hurt.
As psychological problems became more complex, so did the solutions to heal them. Yet, for most, all we need is to know how to update and use our Life Navigation System. What powers this system is how we process our emotions, but if we continue to focus on simply transforming or getting rid of our difficult feelings, we will never recapture the wisdom to use it.

Despite the many approaches to living a fulfilled life, whatever that means to us each uniquely, most people find themselves on the feel great / feel like a failure rollercoaster. On the way up, they do ‘great’ work on themselves and their mindset, and they feel great - “This time, I’ve nailed it”. On the way down, things start to slide, and by the time they reach the bottom, they feel like a failure (not for the first time).

Developing our Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ means recognising life itself is a rollercoaster. Still, by using our emotions to guide us, we are empowered to live in a way that feels right for us no matter what is going on in our life at the time. We respond purposefully, not from a place of mindset but inner wisdom. Simultaneously, identifying what is holding us back and learning from those times when we have reacted in a way we would have preferred not to, knowing they are simply more feelings offering their wisdom.

By utilising techniques that seek to transform or eliminate difficult emotions, we fight against that wisdom and make life more difficult for ourselves.

With Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™, people find solutions to their problems far more quickly than they are likely to be currently experiencing. They will also learn how to live life in a way that feels right for them, continually stretching their comfort zone and growing at a pace that will see them achieving what they want when they want it.

Their approach to life will become such that as a difficult feeling arises, they immediately look for the answers, guided by their inner wisdom in the moment. They will then take small bite-size steps of action based on that guidance, with each bite-size step leading to the achievement of bigger goals.

This approach works for all aspects of life, from the trivialities to the 'big stuff' because it becomes a natural part of our being. By using our emotions in the way they are meant, which is to guide us, emotional healing happens as a natural part of the process.

It sounds too easy, doesn’t it, which in itself is a problem in our modern-day society.

I have a motto, ‘simple solutions for powerful change’, and yet, so often, when something appears simple, we don’t believe it can be the most effective.

I have been thoroughly testing Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ since 2018 with the Freedom Fertility FormulaTM and in my own life for many more years than that. What is important to appreciate is that just because our lives have become so complicated, it doesn’t mean we need a complex solution to match.

If anything, what we need in our lives more than anything is simplicity.

We may still want help from others for personal development, business growth, physical health, emotional healing, etc. Utilising the wisdom, guidance and accountability of others that relate more specifically to our needs is powerful. Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ enhances all types of support because it embeds a sustainable, dynamic emotional healing and life empowerment process into everything that we do.

Through my own journey, I have learnt how to update my Life Navigation System. I have also discovered that due to the thousands of years of neglect, our Life Navigation Systems has moved beyond its simple need to guide us safely through life from a physical perspective. Our Life Navigation System now also needs to ensure the safety of our mental and emotional well-being.

To do this, our Life Navigation System needs to support us in three distinct - yet interconnecting - ways:

  1. To guide us towards the next best action to take in our present.
  2. To highlight unhelpful learnings from the past.
  3. To help us plan with flexibility and fluidity for the future.

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