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Infertility Research: where not to start


GUEST BLOGGER - STACEY PAINTER “Research says eating a million avocados while standing on your head and singing the national anthem doubles conception rates.”
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BY Stacey Painter

Ok, so I am guessing you know that there is no truth in this statement what so ever. It’s pretty far fetched, isn’t it?

But when you are desperate for a baby, when you are stuck in that downward cycle of despair, when you are starting to lose hope...you’ll try almost anything.

A difficult fertility journey leaves you running on high emotions and logic is one of the first things that gets side lined. Our emotional part of the brain takes over (the “down stairs” brain).

So it is quite possible you want to believe and test out this “research”; could it be the one thing that gets you your baby?

There are loads of “...research says...” posts across the internet and social media about fertility.* 

*We will only share research on this blog that has a verified source. We openly recognise that all research that may suggest the work we do enhances fertility success is not sufficient to provide proof of that. We believe however it is interesting and merits further exploration.

When we hear the word “research” we usually retrieve from our brain associations of academics, professionals, thorough trials, what’s been tried and tested, facts, progress....

So understandably we lean towards feeling that it carries weight, especially when we are not thinking as logically as we would like.

But often these posts and articles are word of mouth; lost in translation along a cyber game of Chinese whispers. Not always, granted, but frequently this occurs.

It only takes an extra 5 minutes to do your own research into the statement. 

Can you find the original source? If not, hmmmm, is there any truth in what you read? If you can find it, bonus. So does it clearly state the same as the statement you first saw? Has it been misquoted or re-jigged somewhat to make it sound more glamorous or news worthy? Is it still something you want to give a try?

Once you have carried out your research, you can then tune-in to what's right for you at that deeper intuitive level.

You can get caught up in so many different therapies, strategies, techniques, diets....the list is endless. Yet, it may well be that when you sit down and actually think about all the “helpful” things you are trying, they cause you more stress.

They may add to your monthly cycle of despair and sadness. Totally counterproductive when thinking about the mind-body connection that has the potential to actually support your fertility.

One of the first sessions with a Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist will help you to explore this and allow you time and space to let your gut feelings be heard (check out this blog post for an easy strategy for tapping into your gut instinct). This is an enlightening session for individuals and couples and one of the first steps for taking control of their fertility journey...no longer allowing the fertility journey to control you.

Guest Blogger: Stacey Painter, Freedom Fertility Specialist. Stacey supports her clients both face to face and via video conference calls. You can connect with her at The Lancashire Fertility Coach Facebook Page and on Instagram.

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