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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria’s?

How to choose what's right for her


The first thing I noticed when I first met Maria was the hollow look in her eyes. Yes there was sadness but what was even more noticeable was the emptiness.
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By Dany Griffiths

She looked like she’d cried herself dry, but at the same time I could tell that tears were never that far away for her. Although she was sat in front of me, proving otherwise, she looked like a woman who had given up. She said she was done and she didn’t know how she could continue on any more. 

I’ve met many Maria’s and it breaks my heart that they get to this excruciatingly desperate place because no-one is telling them about or helping them with, taking care of their Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being, so cruelly affected by their fertility struggles.

She told me that she felt that all hope was lost. That she had been desperately trying everything she could to get pregnant but nothing was working. Also, she was scared not to try something if it was recommended to her, because what if that was the one magic solution that worked?

It was why she was sat in front of me now. The sad thing is, that her worry about missing out on the one magic solution, is one of the toughest things that women with infertility face.

Because every solution will seem magic to the person that got pregnant whilst using it.

And if someone has found what they consider to be the magic solution, they are going to want to encourage everyone else who is suffering, to do that thing. But the mind and body are complicated and sadly it is not a one size fits all situation. And so what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.

I didn’t want Maria or any other Freedom Fertility Formula Clients for that matter, to feel that the Freedom Fertility Formula could be their magic solution, because there is no such thing.

Yes, Freedom Fertility Formula Clients get pregnant, however, that isn’t the only outcome we are looking to achieve. First and foremost I wanted to help Maria regain emotional control of her fertility journey and yes, reclaim the joy in the life again. This is such an important part of fertility care that is rarely taken into consideration. And yet, as a leading Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being  Expert in relation to infertility, I can tell you that without making sure that a person’s mental health is looked after, all other treatments are compromised.How do those struggling with infertility get around that though, how do they know what to say yes to and what to say no to? It sounds like a difficult conundrum doesn't it? But here’s the thing... 

It is actually way simpler than you might think.

You see in truth we always know the answer at an instinctive level. Our subconscious knows us better than we consciously know ourselves, and as much as it seems hell-bent on hiding it from us sometimes. it knows what we need. 

All we have to do is ask and then listen out for the answer - yes or no. The subconscious doesn’t actually use words, instead whether you’ve realised this yet or not, we have a feeling for yes and a feeling for no and that’s what it uses to communicate with us.Therefore the answer will come quickly, immediately, almost before we’ve had time to fully formulate the question. Unfortunately, then what happens is the conscious analytical part of our mind starts to create a rational argument for and against. We have a full-on debate with ourselves about the pros and the cons and we get caught up in the fear of making a mistake.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t give two hoots about any of that, it just knows what feels right, and it let’s you know by giving out the relevant feeling that you hear as a yes or a no.

So, the answer to the question “is this right for me?” is very simple, because all you have to do is ask your question and then notice the very first word that comes in to your mind.

Is it Yes or is it No!

The tough part is then not to argue with it and trust your instincts instead. 

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