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How Dare I Help People Who Are Struggling With Infertility?

Dany Griffiths dares to help those struggling with infertility


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By Dany Griffiths

I’ve decided to write this today even though I know that not everyone is going to want to hear it, and that is ok because the ones that do will take notice and the ones who don’t are not the ones I can help.

You see the more I raise awareness of there being a need to help people with the impact that infertility has on Mental Health and Emotional Well-being, the more people attack me for daring to believe that I can help people, when I haven’t had a difficult fertility journey myself. I do understand why people might feel that way. Infertility is incredibly painful and without having an understanding of what I do, it may feel like I am rubbing salt into the wound by saying that I know how to help, when I haven’t experienced the struggle for myself.

Which is why I am writing this post. Not for those who are too closed off by their pain to listen, but for those who are in a place of wanting life to be different but don’t know how to make that happen.

I will firstly say that I know it is possible for me personally to help people who are struggling with infertility, because I have been in the privileged position of being able to do so for years. Some of those people I have helped are now Freedom Fertility Coaches.

I know it is possible for others who haven’t had a difficult fertility journey to help, because the feedback my Freedom Fertility Coaches are getting from their clients is equally as positive as the feedback I get from my own. Not all of my Freedom Fertility Coaches have had a difficult fertility journey.

I also have a large number of Freedom Fertility Coaches who have had their own difficulties with infertility, and they have decided to train because they don’t want others to suffer from the emotional impact of their fertility journey, in the same way they did. Some of my Freedom Fertility Coaches have had 10 years plus journeys to parenthood, they have experienced loss, and some have never been able to have their own biological children.

These are people who have been through that journey, and know the benefit of having somebody who can help them take back emotional control and yes, reclaim the joy in life again.

I care deeply about Mental Health and Emotional Well-being for all people. I have had my own unique journey with regards to this, and albeit in the different context of my family, I deal every day with how not getting the right support can have a devastating impact on a person’s Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being.

I chose to work with fertility because I saw my best friend struggle for years and she was the first person I supported, and yes she has trained to become a Freedom Fertility Specialist.

I realised I could make a difference in an area that is so important and yet hardly anyone else is talking about it. 

So I am going to be straight with you and say, if people want to attack me for that then that is their right, however it will not stop me from sharing about the Freedom Fertility Formula for the sake of all of the people who want to be helped.

Please tell me though, with regards to helping with the pain of their journey why do people believe that infertility is so unique? There are so many journeys that people are on that can cause extreme emotional pain, and yet others don’t feel that someone has to have trodden the same path in order to help them. Cancer is a big one that comes to mind as does any other life changing illnesses or accidents people might have. What about mental health issues caused by various things, rape and other types of sexual attack, dealing with divorce, or handling loss? I could go on.

People help all of the time and haven’t necessarily experienced the pain of that particular journey themselves. Why is this possible? Because we have the ability to care, to empathise, to listen, to use tools and techniques that we know can help, and so on.

In fact, sometimes when we have experienced a similar journey we have to be careful not to assume to understand another person’s pain, because no one person’s pain is the same as another's even if it looks the same on the outside.

The thing that I know is that the Freedom Fertility Formula changes lives, and for those that want somebody to help them take back the emotional control of their fertility journey and reclaim the joy in life again, myself and my Freedom Fertility Specialists are here for them.

The Freedom Fertility Formula does not guarantee a person will get their longed for baby. We share the research around how the mind/body connection has the potential to enhance natural fertility and double IVF success rates, but when we start working with a client we make it clear, that them getting their longed for baby is not the goal of their sessions. We hold gentle space for that to happen whilst supporting our clients with their unique needs.

I hold my hand up and say that this is a rant. It makes me feel angry when people attack from a place of ignorance. If you are concerned about what I do ask me questions. If you look into what I do and it isn’t for you then that is fine walk away. If you want help, then please get in touch because the proof is in the pudding. Which is why I will continue to raise awareness that the Mental Health and Emotional Well-being of those struggling with infertility, is as important to focus on as taking care of themselves physically.

I look forward to the day when no-one has to deal with the pain of infertility and that the Freedom Fertility Formula is no longer needed. For now though I am going to keep banging on about how important it is to consider the Mental Health and Emotional Well-being of those struggling.

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