My goal is not to disregard their place and purpose in emotions work. I aim to bring something new that I believe is missing from all our lives. The missing piece is the ability to use our internal Life Navigation System, which comes from a new understanding of what it means to feel as it is our feelings and emotions that can guide us through life with ease.

We need a new understanding of what it means to feel because our more uncomfortable feelings are generally viewed as a hindrance and a problem to be got rid of. Whereas along with our more comfortable feelings, these feelings power our Life Navigation System.

The current approach we have to emotional processing treats difficult emotions as a waste product to be extinguished.

In so doing, we metaphorically strain all the wisdom of our emotions down the plughole of the sink of like and miss out on using them to bring out the best in ourselves.

Through Feel Right Emotional EmpowermentTM and the F.R.E.E. Live Movement, I am on a mission to stop this from happening.

Most approaches focus on transforming the way we think, believe, and behave. The focus is for us to have the best mindset to succeed in life, business/career, relationships, etc. Yet, maintaining that transformation is difficult for the majority of people. Of course, when people seek out training, coaching, or therapy, they are looking for a change – they think they need a transformation. Be that for their life, career/business, emotional or physical well-being. Perhaps elements of all of these and more. Yet, change has become the one constant in our modern-day life, and because of that, it is not a single point of transformation people need but the ability to evolve with ease sustainably.

Feel Right Emotional EmpowermentTM is a dynamic approach that works on 7 Sectors of Emotional Empowerment

In the Clarity Empowerment Sector of The Feeling Zone, Clients find Clarity on how their Past has helped shape them, what’s happening Now, and what they want/need for their FUTURE.

Clients then use Clarity Empowerment to stay connected with their wants/needs as they grow.

  • Without Clarity Empowerment, Clients may get stuck at a particular stage or return to overwhelm.

    In the Foundational Empowerment Sector, we stop Clients from using Coping Strategies that distract from their primary and higher needs and inappropriately bring them into the Emergency State. Instead, they learn a unique Emotional Care Strategy for maintaining nervous system regulation and identifying and responding to their needs.

  • Without Foundational Empowerment, Clients will falter when life gets overwhelming.

    In the Conscious Empowerment Sector, we teach our unique way of consciously processing emotions with the F.R.E.E. 4A Process.

  • Without Conscious Empowerment, Clients will work too hard on thoughts and not enough on feelings leading to overthinking and analysis paralysis.

    In the Subconscious Empowerment Sector, Clients learn how to deactivate the unhelpful Route Maps that subconsciously guide their lives 95% of the time.

  • Without ongoing Subconscious Empowerment, Clients will struggle to maintain the shifts they’ve made.

    In the Physical Empowerment Sector, Clients learn how to use their physical body to change their state in connection with their environment. They also learn how to heal their body using their mind.

  • Without Physical Empowerment, their physical body and environment may hold them back.

    In the Social Empowerment Sector, we explore how others inadvertently and deliberately sabotage our growth.

  • Without Social Empowerment, Clients primitive need to belong may pull them back into old ways instead of looking for win:win connection with others.

The final Sector of The Feeling Zone brings everything together – named the Dynamic Empowerment Sector. Its purpose is to ensure Clients end their work with a F.R.E.E. Life Specialist, having embedded each level of empowerment into their being, confident in how to continue using what they have learnt.

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