Same Story, Different Year: 2021 the new 2020 all dressed up and nowhere to go.

all dressed up and no-where to go

Welcome to Groundhog Year in which nothing has changed.

Nothing actually changes at the stroke of midnight on a brand-new year though does it? We momentarily get caught up in the belief that we are shedding something old to make way for the new but in truth, nothing ever changes unless we do.

That includes how we handle shit stuff in our life.

Who wants to have a baby?

A photos of a Black Couple looking at a Failed Pregnancy Test

For sure I know as a reader of this blog you do, or if you are here as a helper you want to support others in achieving their desire to have their longed-for baby.

Feeling forced to step up in times of crisis can do you more harm than good

Because of our current situation, there are calls to step up and grow now more than ever before.

That’s not right for everyone though and in fact can be detrimental to your mental health and emotional well-being, by making you feel that you are not doing enough, or worse that you are not enough.

Why Laughter is Good for you now and for your Future Fertility Success

Why laughter is good for you and your future fertility success

Here’s why I am going to be posting funny things on the Freedom Fertility Emotional Well-Being Support Facebook Group. I’d love you to share things that you find funny too. If you are not already already a member of our growing community, click on the 'Join Now' button below to become a member now. Laughter […]