Dany Griffiths - Helping You Feel Your Way Through Life

Helping You Feel Your Way Through Life

Hi, thanks for joining me.

I’m guessing if you are here something felt right about checking me out.

That’s good because your FEELINGS are the thing I am passionate about and making sure that your emotions are continually moving you forward, instead of holding you back, underpins everything I do.

I want to help you ‘Feel Your Way Through Life’. Which means that I want you to feel able to live your life in a way that’s right for you, handling the rough with the smooth and feeling CALM, CONFIDENT and EMOTIONALLY IN CONTROL in everything you do.

Right now, I am focused on putting caring for emotional well-being at the forefront of fertility care. 

For those struggling to conceive I have created the Freedom Fertility Formula, the aim of which is to reduce the mental anguish of infertility, to improve lives and pregnancy success. I work with clients personally and also train others to become Freedom Fertility Formula Specialists. To find out more click on the relevant links below. 


The Freedom Fertility Formula

If you would like to find out if working with Fertility Clients is right for you. Check out my Free Online Introductory Workshop for Becoming a Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist.

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