Dany Griffiths - Helping You Feel Your Way Through Life

Helping You Feel Your Way Through Life

Hi, thanks for joining me.

I’m guessing if you are here something felt right about checking me out.

That’s good because your FEELINGS are the thing I am passionate about and making sure that your emotions are continually moving you forward, instead of holding you back, underpins everything I do.

I want to help you ‘Feel Your Way Through Life’. Which means that I want you to feel able to live your life in a way that’s right for you, handling the rough with the smooth and feeling CALM, CONFIDENT and COURAGEOUS in everything you do.

Right now, there are 4 key areas in which I can do that. To find out more click on the button below that relates to where you are currently at in your life.

​I don’t do this all alone though, as there’s no way I can support as many people as I want to all by myself. To HELP ME, I have an awesome bunch of Fertility Coaches and Antenatal Educators, which means that quite possibly there is someone close by who can help you. If not, many of my Coaches and Instructors work over the internet, meaning that location doesn’t have to get in the way of you receiving the right support for you.

IF YOU ARE WANTING TO BECOME ONE OF THOSE ‘HELPERS’, there are two ways to do that, either by becoming a Freedom Fertility Coach and/or a Wise Hippo Instructor.

Which pathway feels right for you to follow at this time?

Dany Griffiths

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